Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Welcome to OUPSS

This is the site for the members of the "Official Unofficial Parker Stalker Society".

Please bear with us whilst we construct the site and following the incident at the NEC this could be a few days.

This is an unofficial, fun site, in appreciation of the tv presenter and international Klutz, known as Martyn "Thadeus" Parker.

It is produced with affection and appreciation for the man who has brightened up many a lady's afternoon. .......  and some chaps who should have better things to do.

This site will be moderated closely as we do not want content that may cause offence to those of a delicate nature.



  1. Yea.. oupss is takin over the world!

  2. Love it, just sorry I couldn't make the NEC :(

  3. It is no longer a common or garden ooops .. it is a Martyn style oupss lol.

  4. I made a comment days ago and it's not here...oupss!! Lol

  5. Just wondering where can we get our badges from?

  6. How do I join, don't have a blog